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Speaking of Anna, she spoke with Irina of Irina's Stitch in Time about her alteration and sewing shop that she opened almost 30 years ago in her friend's dental office.


You can get homemade treats delivered to your door by Top Crow Bakery and wow looks at those treats (I highly suggest the cardamom buns). Doris Elliott found that her lifelong love for baking and pastry had been lost beneath the anxiety and demands of the profession. After stepping back from baking, she's getting started up again with Top Crow, a small cottage food bakery that delivers seasonal Saturday morning treats to the Uptown, East Bde Maka Ska, and East Isles neighborhoods.

Doris hopes Top Crow will reconnect her to what she loves about baking. "The way it grounds me to the food that I eat and the pleasure of sharing that food with neighbors and loved ones," Doris said.

When she lived in Seattle, Doris worked in mostly French-style bakeries like Cafe Besalu and Columbia City Bakery. "Very happy to be back here," she says about coming back to Minnesota (she grew up in Brooklyn Park).


The new strong mayor system, which isn't in effect yet, is seeing some more tweaks from the mayor himself. This article is also a great recap on why and how the "strong mayor" system is being implemented. (MinnPost)

If you saw the Wedge LIVE! podcast-bike during Lyndale Open Streets, you will be pleased to know the first episode from that ordeal is up. It features Ash Narayanan, executive director of Our Streets Minneapolis, and Elissa Schufman, a transportation advocate and board member at Our Streets. Our Streets organizes Open Streets Minneapolis events, btw. (Wedge LIVE!)

Another article detailing all the money going to police. "Since Floyd’s murder, the city of Minneapolis has paid more than $22.2 million in workers’ comp settlements to police officers," Deanna Winter writes.  (Minnesota Reformer)


The Met Council meets at 4 p.m. They will hear a presentation on community designations around the Met Council's 2050 Regional Development Guide. The development guide focuses on climate change and transportation needs in our region.

The Park Board's Committee of the Whole meets at 5 p.m. at Powderhorn Park. The meeting is part of the board's budget retreat. They will be discussing the Capital Improvement Program process, including the Neighborhood Capital Program.  


Enjoy a taste of Butter Bakery Cafe and music by Area 51 while you learn about water conservation techniques used at local businesses at the Nicollet Pop-off Event supported by the Kingfield Neighborhood Association.

It's German Shepherd night at Unleashed Hounds and Hops. Bring your dog or just go hang out with a bunch of them.