Welcome to our new series, the Back of House All-Stars. While we all love our celebrity chefs, restaurants are a team sport, and every one of them has unsung heroes that they couldn't do it without. We'll be asking a few of them to tell us a bit more about themselves in the weeks to come.

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What's your name?  Ben Meyer

What is your job?  BOH Shift Lead - Wrecktangle Pizza & A Bar - LynLake

What does a typical day look like for you?  Come in, set up the line, do a prep list, start prepping. Make pizza. Pizza friends.

Are you from Minneapolis? If not, what brought you here?  Born & raised.

What's something surprising that you want people to know about your job?  My boss Jeff is actually pretty chill. haha that's a tough question...

What's your favorite menu item at Wrecktangle?  Build My Own! Roasted garlic, banana peppers, sausage, on the garlic cheese bread styx, red sauce on the side.