It's that coffee shop where everyone kindly smiles at you. Striking up a conversation is easy to do. Or you can hide next to the bookshelf and stay in your own world.

It's also a place that people are truly sad to see close. Boiler Room Coffee's last day of operation will be June 21.

One of Boiler Room Coffee's regulars was featured in Racket earlier this year (Yes, written by our local business reporter, Anna Koenning, who we coincidentally met at the coffee shop through a neighborhood leader).

Closing the coffee shop wasn’t an easy decision for owner Michael Graca. After being open for 11 years, Graca proudly proclaimed, "It’s the longest job I’ve had." 

And sometimes, after working the same job for so long, you need a break.

“I have determined that it’s time for me to focus on the other parts of my life that need my energy and attention,” read a typed letter from Graca, posted to the coffee shop door.

Graca opened up his coffee shop in the Stevens Square-Loring Heights neighborhood in 2011 after running The Nicollet at Franklin and Nicollet Aves.  

“The past couple of years have been very difficult for all of us. I am proud of our ability to be resilient and to serve the community during this time,” Graca's letter continued. “I don’t regret a single day of serving you all.”

People are welcome to attend a “soft closing,” June 27-June 30 from 7 a.m.-2 p.m. with limited offerings.

The building is owned Olympus Properties and there are not plans for the space at this time.