This interview was conducted over email.

Southwest Voices: What are your thoughts on Rep. Frank Hornstein not running for office again?

Jared Brewington: I wish Rep. Hornstein well in his transition. He is a well-respected legislator and person. He has earned his reputation, and has done right by 61A and Minnesota. He had a strong career because of his strong character.

SWV: What aspects of Hornstein’s work in the State House of Representatives are you wanting to continue?

JB:  I will continue to champion outcomes he has supported, like food security, actionable housing solutions, continued downtown revitalization to support the 1 out of 5 people in Minnesota that work in the hospitality industry, violent crime prevention, transit and transportation funding, and to foster educational opportunities that are community centered.

SWV: Why are you running for the 61A seat?

JB: Late to the race in a sense, though I just moved back to the district in December of 2023. I was born and raised here, as were my father and grandmother. We were all raised in the same home on 42nd & 2nd, generation after generation. 35W didn't even exist for many of my family members back then. One thing every generation produced was another public servant.

I am running because I have already served our community my whole life, and I will continue to. Many times I am the first one to show up. At the scariest times in our community, I was there first. For example, when George Floyd was murdered I was called first, arrived first and acted first. I want to stand up for my neighbors; to take their thoughts, feelings and concerns and articulate them in a way that isn't distracted by party politics.

I wasn't raised in party politics, nor did I have a career in party politics. I am simply a very energetic and passionate champion for people. I have a wealth of experience in real-life public policy in action. My hard work and high interaction with thousands of people fuels me to continue my life of service at even higher resource levels. Through the expertise I have in social services leadership, to the depth of knowledge I have in the private sector as a small business owner and vocal industry advocate, I have the right combination of experience, communication and network. I've also had successes, embarrassment, life lessons, pain and immense joy. Humbly, I am the right person, at the right time.

SWV: On your website you mention your work with youth. Can you talk about how running Funky Grits or being on the Washburn High School board will inform your work at the State Legislature?

JB: The way my youth work could inform my legislative work isn't described without including YouthLink and the amazing resource it is for the entire metro. YouthLink is the preeminent resource for youth in crisis in Minnesota. The drop-center downtown in District 61A, the two apartments within Mpls (one in 61A), and the one-stop-shop resource navigation makes them top experts in the state. We need to champion service providers that consistently affect young lives for the better. In that, Funky Grits provided one prong of that resource spoke. My work with the Washburn High School Foundation provides scholarships and administrative financial services that the district cannot provide, and our endowment supports those priorities. My favorite part is emceeing the YouthLink Annual Breakfast and the Washburn Whirl (arts council fundraiser) and seeing current and past youth.

SWV: What is something unique you would bring to the table as the House representative for 61A?

JB: I bring the unique ability to work with everyone. I spent many years in rural Minnesota. I was immersed in community affairs there as well. I have worked in-depth with many stakeholders of differing political parties and policy leadership, and our relationships were professional, if not friendly. Friendly because it was genuine, as two or more individuals sharing space in their collective humanity. I represent collective humanity. I've felt like I've looked in from the outside many times in my life and career. It has served me well in the sense that my true perspectives of others are built on my interactions with them, and by being honest and vulnerable towards my humanity with them. I find it disarms and dissuades prejudices of all types. I am adept at building relationships and building engagement, no matter the personal ideology.