Just last year, Shoua, the owner of Chi Tailors and Cleaners, bought the business from her cousin. Even though Shoua was hoping people would go back to work in offices and once again need tailoring and cleaning services, a lot of her would-be clients continue to work from home.

Shoua, who declined to give her last name, is the fourth owner of the business and the third owner within the same family.

Shoua's daughter finishes up the last order at Chi Tailors and Cleaners on November 9. Shoua is selling everything in the store.

According to Shoua, the business’s previous landlord raised rent despite a three-year lease agreement and the current landlord, Levan, LCC, also raised the rent this year.

Shoua didn’t see how the business could stay afloat. She said it is “not reasonable” to be paying more in rent without an increase in business.

The previous landlord also charged her unexpected fees, according to Shoua. The unplanned fees she was billed, which she said were not part of the lease, came in January 2022. “The slowest month for us,” Shoua said.

Chi Tailors and Cleaners is selling almost everything in the store–including the garment conveyor, sewing machines, and boxes of sewing thread.

A rack of clothing, never picked up from Chi Tailors and Cleaners, are up for sale before the business officially closes on November 23.

Shoua is not taking in any more orders but will be available to sell materials from the business. People can reach out to her via the business’s Facebook page.