It's been a good week for affordable housing projects in Minneapolis. Last week, City Council approved funding for the following affordable housing initiatives: An agreement with Minneapolis Public Housing Authority for rehabilitation and redevelopment of various properties,  $11 million in financial assistance from Hennepin County Housing and Redevelopment Authority for 15 Minneapolis affordable housing projects, and approval of an emergency uses grant for winter sheltering and "rapid rehousing."

The Minneapolis Public Housing Authority also announced it's almost done building its 16 new 4-and-6 plexes using modular construction. Those 16 buildings took single-family homes or duplexes and turned them into 4 or 6-plexes. The Housing Authority made a video showcasing what modular construction looks like. One of the buildings is located near 50th and Penn Ave. S.

Another brand-new modular apartment building was constructed this spring next to La Doña in Bryn Mawr, but was not a house conversion. Modular housing construction is done off-site which quickens the construction time and lessens construction costs.