On November 29, the Business, Inspections, Housing, and Zoning committee will discuss and vote on funding awards for numerous affordable housing projects, including a project planned on Lake Street in Uptown.

CommonBond Communities is planning to build a mixed-use building at 1301 W. Lake St., which is currently an empty lot next to the Seven Points building. This is a different apartment complex than the one being developed on the Seven Points lot.

CommonBond Communities is receiving $1 million from the City’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund to help fund the mixed-used building that will include 24 units for people going through homelessness. The remaining 96 units will be income restricted with no units renting at market price. The project received an additional $1 million in 2021 from the same funding source.

The income restriction plan for the new housing development planned for 1301 W. Lake St. Data from the City of Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development Housing Project Data Worksheet.

Jerome Chateau, chair of the South Uptown Neighborhood Association’s Land Use Committee, has been following this project closely since its inception.

“That’s great the city is doing this,” Chateau said in response to the funding.  

This summer, the South Uptown and Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Organizations sent letters of support for the housing development to the Department of Community Planning and Economic Development.

“We think buildings like this; located on transit lines; within easy walking of essential amenities like grocery stores and parks; and featuring sustainable below-market rate units are a great step toward making the city more livable and affordable for our wonderfully diverse population,”  LHENA President Jason Garcia said in a statement today.

Both Chateau and Garcia noted the killings of Winston Smith and Deona Marie Knajdek at the development’s location in the summer of 2021 as important context to carry with as the development progresses.

“We are hopeful that CommonBond will make space available for memorials of Winston Smith and Deonna Marie, who were valued members of the community,” Garcia said.

Chateau said he hopes to see some “breathing space” on the property. “In honor of the neighborhood and the double tragedy that happened in that space,” Chateau said.

Details around the development’s public space are not the focus of the latest round of city funding.

Southwest Voices will be talking with CommonBond later this week about the project.