Last night, Councilmember Latricia Vetaw hosted a listening session in Kingfield regarding the new police chief search. The goal of the listening session, one of five throughout the city, was to collect comments from the public about what they want to see in the Minneapolis police chief. Comments will be utilized to create the job description and guide applicant recruitment. Vetaw was joined by members of the police chief search committee. City Council President Andrea Jenkins, also on the search committee, was in the audience as was City Council Vice President and Ward 13 Councilmember Linea Palmisano.

As community members shared their feedback on the qualifications, priorities, and leadership qualities they want to see in a police chief, many comments were couched in the Department of Human Rights report on MPD police culture.

I tweeted a bit last night about the listening session and will publish more of the community feedback soon.


The second installment of Laundromats of Southwest highlights Rainbow Laundry on Hennepin Avenue South. Every Monday, I do my laundry at a Southwest laundromat and report on the amenities, hours, and nearby places to visit while the machines do the work for you. After we visit each laundromat we will be publishing a guide compiling even more information that I can share on Instagram. Look for the guide to be done in 6-8 weeks, because I have six more laundromats to visit.

If there is a Southwest laundromat you want me to visit next, let me know. I was thinking Bev's on Lyndale Avenue South.


Nextdoor is a Minnesota-interesting place to visit but here me out on this one. A Lyndale neighbor posted about her positive experience calling 911 and asking for the behavioral crisis response team to come speak with someone she found sitting on her front porch. If you can't access the post, here is a significant portion from the post:

"Within ~30 mins, two calm, purposeful female [behavioral crisis response team] members arrived at the front gate, where I met them and shared what I knew. After explaining to me that the young man would be advised to comply with the BCR's recommended steps but could not be taken by force or made to do anything against his will, one team member then joined her colleague to check on him.

I kept my distance 'til I was summoned to retrieve my new rescue dog off the fellow's lap; the two had bonded immediately, but the dog became a distraction once the BCR staffers arrived. Within 10-15 mins, the young man stood up, unwrapped himself from the blankets, removed the ski mitts and proceeded toward the front gate with the BCR members. I wished him well and thanked the duo for their assistance."


Gov. Tim Walz tweeted out his support of protecting abortion rights in Minnesota on Monday night, saying "There will never be an abortion ban under my watch." The 1995 Minnesota Supreme Court ruling known as Doe v. Gomez, established a right to abortion under the Minnesota state constitution (Twitter/AP News).

A high school student is asking people to vocalize their support of a state billthat would fund menstrual products public schools (Sahan Journal).

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as one of the most successful songwriting/producing teams of all time (Star Tribune).

Twin Cities Starbucks workers know how to unionize. This time at 47th Street and Cedar Avenue (Minnesota Reformer).

It's Small Business Week in Minnesota. There is your excuse to grab a treat for yourself at a local business of your choosing every day this week. Yes, you can retroactively buy four treats today to account for May 1-4  (State of Minnesota).


The City Council Budget Committee meets at 10 a.m. and the Public Health & Safety Committee meets at 1:30 p.m. The Budget Committee will be reviewing Mayor Jacob Frey's plan for spending the city's remaining $43 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds. The plan includes investments in affordable housing, responding to homelessness, community safety, inclusive economic recovery initiatives, and climate and public health funding.

Three Met Council meetings are scheduled for today. The Met Council Transportation Accessibility Advisory Committee, meets at 12:30. On the agenda is a Metro Transit presentation titled "Transit Safety & Security Action Plan Project Overview." The Southwest Light Rail Corridor Management Committee meets from 2-3:30 p.m. And the Committee of the Whole meets at 4 p.m.

The Park Board is meeting at 5 p.m. On the agenda is repealing the board's resolution that cut ties with the Minneapolis Police Department. The original resolution was passed in the summer of 2020.


If you're not busy at 2 p.m, beat the crowd at Tilt and play free pinball in celebration of the  2022 Craft Brewers Conference, being held in Minneapolis this year. Fair State, one of our many local brewers, is throwing a party at Tilt from 2 p.m.-close. Party on.

A joyful, vibrant show with Rachel Kurtz & The Feelings, Said Kelley, and Lance Cooper (Baltimore) is happening tonight at Icehouse. The promo materials argue, "Come for a night of joy and powerful vocals, you will leave happier than you arrived." Sounds like good medicine to me.

Do you love Bernese Mountain Dogs and St. Bernards? Go hang out at Unleashed Hounds & Hops tonight.

If you are interested in gaming-adjacent hobby painting, Tower Games is hosting a Paint & Build event tonight. It is especially geared towards people who are curious or just learning about painting minis.