On early Monday morning, a cougar was spotted on a residential security camera in Lowry Hill. By Wednesday morning, the cougar was dead. A driver hit the cougar on I-394 at Theodore Wirth Parkway. According to FOX 9, the driver was not hurt and the cougar died at the scene of the crash.

Cougar sightings are very rare in Minneapolis and Hennepin County, based on the DNR cougar sightings data going back to 2004. Since then, there has only been one other cougar captured on camera in Hennepin County in 2020. Four days after that sighting, there was a cougar marked as roadkill nearby. And that was the year with the highest number of sightings. This year, the state has registered eight sightings, all north of Hennepin County.

The State of Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources has verified 77 wild cougars sightings in Minnesota since 2004. A verification does not necessarily mean an individual cat has been discovered. In 2023, there has been eight verified sightings recorded, not including the Lowry Hill sighting. Data provided by the State of Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources

Cougars can live in urban environments. P-22 was a cougar who lived in Los Angeles for a decade. Many people mourned his death.