When Racket reported a couple weeks back that the iconic Uptown sign had gone missing (source: Stand on Hennepin near Lake and look up), we got a lot of notes about it. As they covered in their story, the city says they didn't get a permit to take it down, so people were rightfully worried. I will confess that I scanned the pile of giant letters at Hunt & Gather to be absolutely certain I didn't see any familiar U's, P's, T's, W's, O's, or N's.

Well, fear not – according to David Frank, the Executive Director of the Uptown Association, he has spoken with the developer and they are currently restoring the sign before returning it to its rightful place. "We heard from the developer. Sign being refurbished. Same name is going back up," said Frank.

The arguments about what blocks are and are not Uptown (this is the correct answer by the way) are tense enough without losing the giant anchor of what is, inarguably, Uptown. Here's to hoping the developer, Ned Abdul, gets the sign back up and looking better than ever as soon as possible.