There was no endorsement given at the Minneapolis DFL convention held on March 23 to determine what 61A candidate would receive the endorsement. After three rounds of voting, no candidate could convince 60 percent of the DFL delegates present to vote for them–the only way a candidate receives the DFL endorsement. That process, and other DFL business, took a full day, so the delegates voted "no endorsement," wrapping up a nine-hour day.

At the convention, Katie Jones, Will Stancil, and Isabel Rolfes received the largest number of delegate votes, continually receiving 25% to 35% of the votes during all rounds of voting. McMahon received 15% percent of the vote in the first round but was dropped in the second round due to low delegate votes. In the first round, Jared Brewington received two votes and Trevor Turner, a new candidate, received one vote. Both candidates were dropped from voting consideration in subsequent rounds. Southwest Voices has yet to connect with Turner.

‍After the DFL convention, Dylan McMahon dropped out of the race. He posted a statement to his website yesterday.

‍Jared Brewington, Katie Jones, Isabel Rolfes, and Will Stancil all told Southwest Voices they are remaining in the race.

The next step in the election process is the primary on Aug. 13 where only one 61A DFL candidate will advance to the general election on Nov. 5. The Aug. 13 election is significant because, as of now, there is no Republican candidate currently running for Rep. Frank Hornstein’s seat so the two candidates on the ballot will likely be the DFL candidate and Toya López who is running as an independent. López needs to collect 500 signatures to be listed on the ballot.

Additional reporting by Josh Martin