An exciting new project from a few of Minneapolis' favorite restauranteurs is coming to Whittier later this summer.

Eat Street Crossing, a food hall that will include six different restaurant concepts, a bar, indoor and outdoor seating, and a liquor store, will open in the former Old Arizona Studios building at 2821 Nicollet Ave S. It will bring together John Ng and Lina Goh from Zen Box Izakaya, who originally came up with the concept, Ben Spangler and Gabriella Grant-Spangler from Bebe Zito, and beverage director Trish Gavin.

The Eat Street Crossing founding team: Lina Goh, John Ng, Ben Spangler, Gabriella Grant-Spangler, and Trish Gavin (left to right)

"Lina and I had our very first meal in Minneapolis right down the street from where ESC will be, and I can already picture families, art students, neighbors on the way to and from work, friends meeting up, couples out for a date, all feeling like it’s the perfect place to go. We envision it as  a hub where all kinds of people can share stories, flavors, music, and fun,” said Ng.

They'll have a "huge" selection of non-alcoholic cocktail options, and will be designing a range of drinks that use sugar substitutes for people living with diabetes. They'll also have a "wine wall" with a wide range of options.

Christian Dean Architecture, who is handling the design, has worked on other Minneapolis restaurants like Colita, Kado No Mise, and Quang's renovation. It'll have lots of stone, brick, wood, and at least one bright blue wall, which looks pretty neat whether you're name is Tobias Fünke or not:

That's one blue wall!

The team has deep connections to Whittier, which was a huge driver behind opening the new space. "We love this neighborhood and want to do it justice," said Ng. “We feel lucky to be the new stewards of this unique building and  are grateful for the opportunity to become part of what makes this corner of Minneapolis so special,” added Goh.