We'll have continuing coverage of ranked choice allocations and results on our Twitter account and website throughout the day. We spent yesterday chatting with voters across the city. Head over to our Instagram to check out what we heard.

Quick rundown of results from last night (full results): Question 1 (strong mayor) passed, Question 2 (public safety) failed, and Question 3 (rent control) passed (read more on what each of these mean here).

Mayor Frey has a huge lead and will likely be declared the official winner today when the 2nd ranked choices are reallocated.

In the Council races, Ward 4 (Vetaw), Ward 6 (Osman), Ward 7 (Goodman), Ward 8 (Jenkins), Ward 9 (Chavez), Ward 11 (Koski), Ward 12 (Johnson), and Ward 13 (Palmisano) have been decided. We should get results on Wards 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 later today.

In the Park Board At Large race, Meg Forney appears headed for reelection, Tom Olsen is in a strong 2nd, and several candidates look like they could win the 3rd spot.

In the Park Board District 4 race, Elizabeth Shaffer prevailed over Jono Cowgill. In the District 6 race, less than 350 votes separate Cathy Abene, Risa Hustad, and Bob Fine, and we should find out the winner after ranked choice votes are allocated today.

In the Board of Estimate and Taxation race, Steve Brandt looks headed for victory with a winner being decided between Sam Pree-Stinson (in 2nd) and Pine Salica (in 3rd) later today.

If you want to see how the votes flowed in on Question 2, here's an interesting map. As far as Southwest is concerned, the strongest opposition to the question in the whole city was on the west side of the lakes. The only areas where the Yes side won start on the east side of Hennepin in The Wedge, run through parts of East Bde Maka Ska, Lyndale, and Kingfield, and merge into a band that stretches across the Southside, through the U to the city's eastern border, and up into Northeast (with a little island in Bryn Mawr).

COVID vaccines for 5-11 year-olds in MN are dropping as soon as late this week. MPR has a great round-up with details on how many shots are available and where to sign up. (MPR)

A week after we mentioned one corner of LynLake was getting filled by Wrecktangle Pizza, the vacant corner directly across the street will be getting a new inhabitant – a store that will have popcorn, hoagies, and other Chicago-themed items (no word yet on whether Malort will be involved). Exciting news for the whole neighborhood. (MSPJ Business Journal)

How the new design of Grand Avenue will really improve water quality in the area. (Minn Post)

The Park Board is finishing work on bike trails across the city this weekend. (Park Board)


The Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association is looking for volunteers for its food share this weekend.


Bagel Taïm (which makes one of the best bagels in town) is popping up at Lowry Hill Meats on Saturday.