Come on, admit it. You've watched the hero of the period break travel around the rink, and you've dreamed of being on that big stage. You've imagined yourself moving in circles, churning ice, and literally leveling the playing field while all eyes in the arena are transfixed on you.

Here is your chance. The Park Board needs Zamboni drivers for Parade Ice Arena. Yes, that IS the same ice rink that was featured extensively in Mighty Ducks, thank you for asking.

The qualifications are pretty simple. If you're 18 or older, have a driver's license, and can "demonstrate some mechanical aptitude", congratulations, you're qualified! As a major bonus, you'll be an essential part of making sure all the hockey teams that rely on the rink have a functional, beautiful surface to skate on.

If you want to apply, email your resume to In the body of the email, include your work availability, amount of hours you'd like to work per week, and date you could start. More details can be found by clicking "Zamboni Driver" on this page.

What are you waiting for?