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The Lynette team showed a little more of what they have planned for at 42nd Avenue and 38th Street during a sneak preview at Petite León in February, the buzzy Kingfield restaurant where two of the co-owners hail from.

Serbus, who also co-owns Little Tijuana on Eat Street and whom the Star Tribune named as one of the city's top envelope-pushing restaurateurs, described the concept as "elevated craft cooking with the kind of menu items you would expect from a neighborhood haunt: Pizzas, chicken, and burgers, but also fancier cuts of meats, fresh pastas, and shareable vegetable plates." Plus a full beer, wine, and cocktail program. He said they'll likely adapt the menu on the fly in the early days as they get feedback from patrons.

In Longfellow, Serbus and Siers-Rients have partnered with their, well, partners — Billie Conaway and Melissa Siers-Rients — to buy the 4,500-square-foot Riverview Wine Bar and Cafe building and have positioned Lynette as something of the spiritual successor to their former Richfield spot, Lyn 65. Lynette is planned to be open this summer.

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