If you peer into Guse Green Grocer, the "closed for good" sign may seem misleading when you notice the products still on the shelves. But on March 31, Guse Green Grocer closed for good. Tom and Terry Thomson opened the store in early 2010, with a mix of convenience store goods and food you'd find at a local food co-op.

The store had been losing money for the last two years, which is a familiar refrain for a lot of small businesses. The Thompsons also own Guse Hardware which is still very much open. The hardware store is filled with spring and summer products such as seed starter supplies and plenty of soil. They also sell KN-95 masks and screenprinted tshirts with their logo.

The Thompsons plan to lease out the Green Grocer space at 4600 Bryant Ave. S.. According to employees of Guse Hardware, there has been a lot of interest in the space but no decisions have been made yet.

As for the products you can see through the windows? There are plans to donate to food shelves, but nothing concrete is lined up.

Guse Hardware is located at 4602 Bryant Avenue South.