Through Sunday night, 10.3% of registered voters in the city have voted. If voter turnout matches the numbers from  four years ago, that means about 3 in 4 of the people that will end up voting haven't cast their ballots yet. You can track the numbers and neighborhoods here. Southwest has a new precinct turnout leader: Ward 7 Precinct 4, home of Jones-Harrison Senior Living, The Beach Club, and a variety of homes and apartments between Bde Maka Ska and Cedar, which has turned out more than 18% of its voters. Once again, we have to remind you that early voting numbers and stats do not predict who will eventually vote.

Here's info on how to register to vote if you still haven't, how to vote in-person today, how to vote in-person tomorrow, and how to vote by mail.

One number to watch for on Tuesday: 42.5%. That was the percent of the city that turned out for the election  in 2017, and also the highest turnout number in a city election since 1997. Do we break that this year? The Trump years saw big turnout increases across a number of races, and this week offers our first look at how much that will continue.

Another thing we'll be watching is the turnout numbers near the University. There was a massive turnout drop-off between 2016 and 2020 (nearly 20% in one precinct) over there, caused in large part because COVID kept many students home. Presidential cycles are key for registering new voters like college students. Will that have a major impact on 2021 turnout? We will soon see.

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Join a Park Board committee! There are open spots on committees working on St. Anthony Falls, trees, bicycles, racial equity, and homegrown food. Check out the details at the link and get your application in by December 3rd.

The Hennepin County Library system is hosting a great event on Tuesday night: "Join columnist Myron Medcalf and moderator Lindsay Peifer in a virtual conversation with Asian American community leaders David Mura, Terri Thao and Anthea Yur. Panelists will discuss 'Minor Feelings: An Asian American Reckoning' by Cathy Park Hong, the Asian American experience, and how individuals can dismantle racism and make real change for a better future."

Pizzeria Lola reopens for weekday lunch today.