As Minnesotans wait patiently for actual marijuana to be sold in the state, a plethora of companies have popped up, offering their take on the legal Delta-9 compound made from CBD. Gummies, chocolates, drinks, and tinctures have flooded the Twin Cities market. One of the newest brands on the market is JANE, a Southwest MInneapolis-based company that specifically targets women.

JANE products range from 1.5 to 2.25 mg in Delta-9 dosing and also includes CBD. For comparison, most Delta-9 gummies and drinks are dosed at 5 mg, the State’s current legal limit. Each JANE product is formulated for a specific need. The JANE Fuck Cancer tincture includes anti-cancer, nausea, and pain cannabinoids. According to the American Cancer Society, scientists have found that THC cannabinoids have slowed the growth of "certain types of cancer cells growing in lab dishes" and have seen a slower spread of cancer in animal studies.

Courtright said the Fuck Cancer tincture is “near and dear” to her heart due to Courtright’s own experience with cancer (she is clear of cancer now).

“I always wanted to engage in having a cannabis business,” Courtright said. Her first foray into the industry was her line of culinary tinctures, called High Standards, which can be added to drinks and food.

Another JANE product that is unique to the market is the Menopause tincture. “I found so much information about how menopause can be completely treated with cannabis,” Courtright said, referencing a Harvard study that inspired her.

The Menopause tincture includes cannabinoids that enhance mood, and address inflammation and pain. Courtright said it has helped customers with hot flashes as well.

Courtright recounts her friend telling her, “Oh my god, I love my husband again, I’m in a good mood, this is life changing,” after taking the Menopause tincture.

JANE’s Relax tincture is formulated to enhance mood and address pain. There are also Sleep, Creativity and Appetite tinctures. Courtright focused on developing tinctures because they can be absorbed by the body faster than other products. In Courtright’s experience, she can feel the effects of the Delta-9 tinctures in 15-20 minutes, which can be much quicker than tinctures made from the marijuana plant which can take up to an hour to feel the effects (As always, go slow when using new Delta-9 products until you know how your body reacts to the products).

JANE Creativity tincture. Photo by Melody Hoffmann

Courtright offers lower doses so women could dial in what works for them without getting too stoned.

“To take the edge off,” Courtright said, describing the point of her products at a JANE product party in December.  “They give a nice little sparkle to the day.”

JANE also sells 2.5 mg gummies and a Pain roll-on product. If feeling adventurous, JANE offers Pleasure, a Delta-9 sensual, intimacy oil. JANE products are available online and select products are available at Flipside (901 W. 36th St.), Laure’s (4301 Upton Ave. S.), and Watershed Spa (514 2nd St. SE).  

Courtright previously owned Uptown’s fig + farro restaurant that closed in May 2020. The restaurant’s Facebook page is now populated with JANE information.