Kingfield is devoid of an ice cream shop and the kids have had enough. A self-described “Kingfield kid” hand-delivered Southwest Voices a letter to the editor that pitched an ice cream shop early last week. The letter included a specific location, ice cream company, and drawing of the desired ice cream shop location.

“Having an ice cream shop at a walkable distance would be amazing for us because currently there are none near us,” the letter to the editor reads, signed by 21 kids from Kingfield.

A letter to the editor written by Norah and Ryan, on behalf of 21 Kingfield kids, asking for an ice cream shop in Kingfield. Photo by Melody Hoffmann

The letter, signed by 21 kids in Kingfield, suggests that an ice cream shop could open at the newly developed buildings just north of 43rd Street and Nicollet Avenue.

“They are really nice buildings and they are a perfect location for an ice cream shop because they don’t need much room, just enough for a counter and few tables,” the letter reads. “And it would be super acesible [sic] to lots of kids in our neighborhood.”

The kids also have an ice cream company in mind–Sebastian Joe’s.

“The [Sebastian Joe’s] factory is right across the corner so it would be perfect,” the letter reads. Sebastian Joe’s production location is at 4301 Nicollet Ave. S.

So, is an ice cream shop a possibility? There is good news and bad news.

The bad news is that Sebastian Joe’s is not planning on expanding its ice cream shop business right now.

“We have produced ice cream in Kingfield for over 20 years,” Nic Groth, managing partner at Sebastian Joe’s said over email. “The community here is near to our hearts and we have a strong connection to the neighborhood. While a third scoop shop in Kingfield would be a joy to Sebastian Joe’s, we do not have plans to do so at this time. We are very grateful for the kind, encouraging words from our loyal fans.”

The good news is that, while the spot right next to Lowbrow was just leased out–and Instagram comments suggest it’s going to be a pizza place–the space next to it is available, according to real estate agent Hayden Hulsey. The space is 1,100 square feet, which is the small place the kids were suggesting in their letter.

Now all the kids need is an entrepreneur or existing ice cream shop to step up and lease the space.

Who’s to deny children ice cream?