Lakes & Legends Brewing Company announced today that it is closing its taproom. According to its event calendar, the taproom will close Jan. 6, 2024 but the owners say Dec. 30, 2023 is the last day.

“We plan to close the taproom as we close out the year, but we’re looking forward to going out on a high note,” reads a Lake & Legends Instagram post posted this morning.

The taproom is known for hosting community events, including animal adoptions and a weekly Bingo night to benefit Firefighters for Healing.

“Tens of thousands of dollars were given back to the community, and countless not-for-profit initiatives were hosted and supported by the team and in our taproom,” the Instagram post reads.

The taproom has been open for eight years and is celebrating that milestone on Dec. 9. Lakes & Legends Brewing Company is located at 1368 Lasalle Ave S.