There are more options for late night food in Southwest Minneapolis than you might think. With “late night” defined as restaurants that are open past 10 p.m. more than twice a week, you can get Andean yuca frita, agedashi tofu steamed buns and roasted grouper in the neighborhood, as well as several options for pizza and classic diner food.

Save this article for the next time you’re still hungry after that Timberwolves game or you need delivery after a night out. All hours and locations are listed at the bottom of the article.

Non-alcoholic drink spots

Sencha offers customizable hot and iced teas and boba as well as small snacks, and Caffetto is a great late-night study spot with coffee, espresso and tea open daily until 1 a.m.


Some of Minneapolis’ best pizza places are open late as well. Wrecktangle, which won Good Morning America’s best pizza in the country, closes at 1 a.m. on weekends. Mesa and Slice of New York will satisfy pizza-by-the-slice needs. Leaning Tower of Pizza offers a friendly neighborhood vibe until their 2 a.m. daily close, and Toppers and Pizza Lucé dominate the late night delivery game. A block away from Nicollet Mall, Mother Clucker’s is a good pizza stop on the way home from an event downtown.


Nicollet Diner and Uptown Diner offer classic diner food through the night– Nicollet Diner is the only restaurant open 24/7 in Southwest Minneapolis and Uptown Diner is open 24 hours on Thursday through Saturday. Nighthawks and Nightingale offer upscale diner food late into the night.

Global eats

Southwest’s diverse food scene features late night Japanese eats at moto-i and Wakame, French cuisine at Barbette, Mexican food at Iconos Gastro Cantina and Andean dishes at Los Andes Latin Bistro.

Bonus for vegan night owls

Trio Plant-Based, a vegan soul food joint in LynLake, is open late for delivery and takeout on Fridays and Saturdays.

Late Night Eats Google Map

Late night spots from earliest close to latest

Sencha Tea Bar, 2601 Hennepin Ave. S:  Sunday-Thursday, 10 p.m.; Friday-Saturday, 11 p.m.

Nighthawks, 3753 Nicollet Ave.: Monday-Thursday, 10 p.m.; Friday-Saturday: 11 p.m.

Barbette, 1600 W Lake St.: Sunday-Thursday 11 p.m.; Friday-Saturday 12 a.m.

Slice of New York, 2407 Nicollet Ave.: Monday-Thursday 11 p.m.; Friday-Saturday, 12 a.m.

moto-i, 2940 Lyndale Ave. S: Daily 12 a.m.

Wrecktangle, 703 W Lake St.: Sunday-Thursday 12 a.m.; Friday-Saturday 1 a.m.

Wakame, 3070 Excelsior Blvd.: Monday-Saturday 12 a.m.; Sunday 10 p.m.

Nightingale, 2551 Lyndale Ave. S:  Daily 1 a.m.

Caffetto, 708 W 22nd St.: Daily 1 a.m.

Iconos Gastro Cantina, 2937 Lyndale Ave. S:– Sun 10 p.m., Mon-Sat 1 a.m.

Los Andes Latin Bistro, 607 W Lake St.: Monday-Thursday 10 p.m., Friday 12 a.m., Saturday-Sunday 2 a.m.

Mesa Pizza, 1440 W Lake St.: Monday-Thursday 11 p.m.; Friday-Saturday, 2 a.m.

Trio, 610 W Lake St.: Friday-Saturday, delivery until 2 a.m.

Leaning Tower of Pizza, 2324 Lyndale Ave. S: Daily, 2 a.m.

Pizza Lucé, 3200 Lyndale Ave S: Daily 2 a.m.

Roxy's Cabaret, 1333 Nicollet Mall: Daily 2 a.m.

Toppers Uptown, 2936 Lyndale Ave. S: Sunday-Tuesday, 1 a.m.; Wednesday-Saturday, 3 a.m.

Mother Clucker's, 1428 Nicollet Ave.: Daily, 4 a.m.

Uptown Diner, 2548 Hennepin Ave.:Thursday-Saturday, 24 hours; Sunday-Wednesday, 11 p.m.