On Tuesday, Terzo is hosting the book release party for Don Carr's debut novel The Midnight Rambler.

Carr, a professional environmental science expert, knows his way around a poison pit. In his debut novel, Sophie Grant, an environmental investigator with a strong stomach and even tougher nerves, goes on an excruciating expedition into toxic waste dumps created by organized crime, for profit.

Often mocked as a "water cop," EPA special agent Sophie has faced countless dangerous situations while chasing criminal polluters, from boarding tankers at sea to Somali refugee camps. But when she is assigned to Italy's tourist-filled Amalfi Coast in pursuit of a toxic-waste-dumping cartel, she finds herself in the crosshairs of legendary Camorra assassin Il Mezzanotte Ramingo, the Midnight Rambler, and is forced to do the most harrowing thing of ask her disgraced ex-cop father for help. But like the deadly polluted water flowing below the sun-splashed Amalfi bedrock, nothing is as it appears. The CIA aims to use her as bait. But Il Ramingo hasn't killed seemingly impossible-to-reach politicians, judges, and Camorra rivals for years without learning to sniff out a trap.

Read a Southwest Voices exclusive excerpt from The Midnight Rambler that introduces Sophie and her drive to save the environment.

The book will be sold locally at Comma, a bookshop.