There is a parcel of land on Nicollet, just north of 38th Street, that has been vacant for decades. As developers build on every inch of Nicollet they can find, why is nothing built on this prime slice of real estate?

"We do have plans to build on it however not in the immediate future," Araceli Perez, the property owner's daughter, told Southwest Voices.

The lot at 3729 Nicollet Ave. S. is owned by Isidro Perez. Isidro owns Cinco De Mayo Mercado next door to the lot. He bought both parcels in 1997. Isidro also owns Marissa’s Bakery.

So, there you have it.

If you got to choose what's next for 3729, what would you built on this land?

Thank you to David Brauer for asking about this vacant lot. If you have a question about a Southwest property, leave us a comment below. and we will dig into it.

Additional reporting by Anna Koenning.