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This piece was written as context to the piece published by the Linden Hills business community about the proposed station at 43rd & Upton. Metro Transit is currently welcoming feedback on the proposed E Line route through October 31st. You can give them feedback by visiting or by emailing

We identified the proposed station at Upton & 43rd Street because this is an important neighborhood (and region-wide) destination. People want to go there to access the shopping, entertainment, restaurants, and other opportunities this area has to offer. Not to mention the people who live and work nearby.

The platform locations at this station are proposed to be on the northeast and southwest corners, on the farside of the intersection. Farside platforms at intersections with traffic lights are one of the tools we use to improve the speed and reliability of service on BRT. When buses can get through the intersection before stopping to pick up and drop off passengers, they can avoid getting stuck at a red light, avoiding slowdowns and unreliable service.

We know this proposed station plan has raised concerns from some nearby residents and business owners. This proposed plan represents our recommendation to best serve transit riders and the community, but it is the Draft Plan. The public comment period on this draft plan runs from September 20 through October 31 and we want to be hearing from people about the plan – both what they like, and what they’d like to see changed.