Metro Transit installed poles along the future B Line project at the beginning of February, some in the middle of sidewalks. Poles are installed at intersections including West Lake Street and Lyndale Avenue and Lagoon and Humboldt Avenues.

“Temporary poles recently installed by a contractor are related to pedestrian, transit, and traffic signal improvements at several intersections along the [B Line] corridor,” Metro Transit spokesperson Drew Kerr said. The permanent poles will be located in a spot that allows for full pedestrian access. The temporary poles are expected to be removed in late 2024.

The contractor added an asphalt bump out to address the inaccessible sidewalk at Lagoon and Humboldt on Feb. 8, but Metro Transit will close the inaccessible sidewalk on Lagoon Avenue on Feb. 9 through mid-April “when contractors will be able to install a better temporary pedestrian access,” Kerr said.

So why did the contractors install poles in such inconvenient spots for pedestrians? Well, you know when you see spray paint on the sidewalk from utility companies?

"The underground utilities, such as power and communication cabling for the existing street lighting and signal systems, dictate where the temporary signal poles can be installed," Kerr said. "When the existing utilities are located (painted on the sidewalk) our contractor determines the best placement for the poles to be installed so that they avoid hitting existing utilities."

Metro Transit asks people with concerns about B Line construction to call the construction hotline at 651-356-6995.