Editor's note… a brief clarification on the location of the project. It will combine two parcels on Upton Ave S, but the building will be fronted on 43rd Street. The view you see above is of 43rd Street. Apologies for any confusion that this may have caused.

On Monday night, Snow Kreileich Architects presented the design for a new building in Linden Hills on Upton Ave S to a meeting of the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council's Zoning and Housing Committee. The site currently includes Zumbro, which will have a space in the new building, and four parking spots, which will be replaced with a new outdoor courtyard and covered plaza.

The building, which would sit directly between New Gild Jewelers and Settergren's Hardware, would include 800 square feet of retail on the main level that will be filled by Zumbro, who will also have a new outdoor patio. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors would include new office space.

Here's a look at the building materials planned for the project

Don't worry, pizza fans – the building would include a carve-out in the middle to maintain direct walking access from the street to Rosalia Pizza. The planners talked about the importance of filling in a "gap" that exists today between Zumbro and Settergren's, as well as the importance of doing so while maintaining the access to the restaurant.

John Gross, the lead developer on the project, has extensive experience in the area including involvement in the renovations that eventually became Martina, Colita, Rosalia, Cafe Ceres, and more. He said in Monday's presentation that the existing building that houses Zumbro has structural issues as the result of some hastily-added apartments and the removal of columns at some point in the past.

Here's a cross section of the site designs

The top floor will include a 10 foot setback that will bring down the scale of the building, reduce shadows, and include space for a top floor patio.

The new development would be only steps away from the new E Line bus rapid transit stop on the corner of 43rd and Upton, which would provide quick access to people traveling towards Uptown and Downtown to the north and 44th Street and France Ave S. to the south.