The city's Planning Commission will meet on Tuesday afternoon to discuss a series of developments, including a new 38 unit multi-family building in Linden Hills slated to replace three single family homes. 

The new development will replace the properties located at 2815, 2817, and 2821 44th St W (44th & Vincent Ave S), across the street from the parking lot of St. Thomas the Apostle Church and the Carondelet Catholic School’s Lower Campus.  Here’s a presentation that the developers gave to the neighborhood with a few additional renderings and design details.

This would mean yet another multi-family development for 44th Street running through Linden Hills following the addition of the Linden 44 building currently under construction at 44th and Abbott, the former location of the Faribault Woolen Mills store. 44th Street is the future home of the E-Line bus rapid transit line, and this project will support the effort to add more dense housing on main transit arteries in the months and years ahead.

The plan will include 27 below-ground parking spaces and 42 bicycle parking spaces. This aspect provoked discussion at the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council meeting in August. One participant wrote to the city (see page 35) suggesting that he felt the additional congestion generated from the building was ill-suited for a site across from the school: “My concern is not with the building and its location, but the lack of parking stalls to accommodate the 38 units.” 

However, the parking proposed in the plan is well within the city’s requirements after they eliminated minimum parking requirements for new developments back in 2021, and the building’s location on a major transit line is the type of development that the 2040 Comprehensive Plan was intended to encourage.