Mauri Friestlebein will stay on as North High School’s principal for the 2022-23 school year.  The Minneapolis Public School Board of Education Director Sharon El-Amin posted the news yesterday on social media and the district confirmed her continued employment today.  

“Parents, students and staff as we approach the end of the school year and honor our Senior class of 2022 on Saturday for both North and Henry High please know that Mauri Friestlemen will remain with MPS as The Principal of North High! I(we) will continue to fight for our staff, students and family within MPS!,” El-Amin wrote on Facebook yesterday.

Friestlebein’s sudden removal as principal in May came as a shock during an already tumultuous school year. On May 20, Friestlebein, published a letter announcing it was her last day at the school. Two days later, the district announced she would return to the school for the reminder of the school year. Friestlebein’s letter suggested she was fired for participating in a walk-out with her students in February.

Friestlebein’s is the subject of "Love Them First," a documentary by reporter Lindsey Seavert and photojournalist Ben Garvin.