This is the last week to create a snowflake to benefit Southside Harm Reduction Services at the Kingfield Five Watt. 

Two years ago, a staff of 19 decorated the Kingfield Five Watt with snowflakes and other holiday ephemera. Enter the pandemic. The staff is down to six. Brandon, the manager at the Kingfield Five Watt, didn’t think he’d be able to recreate the decoration magic with such a small staff. Until he asked the community to help. 

From now until Dec. 31, people who stop into the Kingfield Five Watt can donate five dollars to Southside Harm Reduction Services and make a snowflake to decorate the cafe. Kingfield Five Watt is only accepting cash donations.

A person cutting green paper into a snowflake.
A Kingfield neighbor cutting green oragami paper into a snowflake.

People who donate get access to a tin box full of origami paper, scissors, and tape to create a snowflake that will be displayed in the front window. All of the money goes directly to Southside Harm Reduction Services, a local organization that promotes the human rights to health, safety, autonomy, and agency among people who use substances.

The snowflakes will not be coming down with the changing of the year. Brandon said the snowflakes may stay up as late as Easter.

Two paper snowflakes on a wooden table.
Two finished snowflakes ready for their public debut in the Kingfield Five Watt window.