In December, we asked our members what topic they wanted us to cover in-depth. They chose public safety. We couldn’t agree more. 

Before we start reporting on the nuances of public safety in Minneapolis, we want to talk to you about our approach. 

We believe that a constant drumbeat of crime news creates a feeling of helplessness. Our mission is to help create a feeling of agency even when confronted with complex issues like the current spike in carjackings. 

We are focusing our public safety coverage on the solutions. 

What does this mean? It means reporting on the how and the why.  

Why do people resort to criminal behavior? How do neighbors work together to create their own approaches to public safety? What policies actually reduce crime and violence?

We want to report on strategies that reduce crime, both here and elsewhere. It means stepping back to look at trends and patterns that can make our community safer and more connected.

We have been inspired by solutions-based reporting from around the country. We encourage you to engage with these examples of how other newsrooms have approached covering crime from a solutions-based perspective. 

Read more on how the Fayetteville Observer changed the conversation on crime in its community.

If you are interested in learning more about solutions-based journalism, check out The Whole Story, a landing page for the type of coverage we hope to bring you in Southwest Minneapolis. 

At Southwest Voices, everything we do starts with listening—to our neighbors, business owners, our readers, and our members. 

We routinely get feedback from our readers via email, text, and online forms at the end of every story. 

We also hold a membership meeting every few months where we discuss our editorial direction, and give members a chance to vote on a topic they’d like to see us dig into more deeply.

You can become a member of Southwest Voices here.

We hope that you’ll join us in highlighting solutions that can help all of us navigate this, together, in the weeks and months ahead. Use the “Add Context” box at the bottom of this page, or text us at 612-204-2887, to share your perspective.

Safety is the most basic need of any community, including ours. We’re going to do what we can to help answer your questions and move us towards solutions. 

-Melody, Charlie, and Andrew, the Southwest Voices team