This Saturday Planets in the Park invites curious kids of all ages to Perish Park to explore outer space. Last fall, Michael Kauper started the series because he wanted to bring astronomy to the community.

Kauper credits Pershing Field Park Activities Director Heather Susag for helping bring the idea to life.

At the September Plaents in the Park event, Erica Stark operated a telescope as Kauper led laser-guided tours of the night sky, taught people how to use a star wheel, and told sky stories from around the world.

“We got a few peeks at Jupiter through the telescopes, during brief breaks in the clouds,” Michael Kauper wrote in a post-event summary.

For people inspired after the Planets in the Park series, Kauper suggests people visit Kenwood Park for stargazing because it has zero internal park lights. Pershing Park is a great place for site lines of the sky as well.

Saturday’s Planets in the Park event is open to all and starts at 7 p.m.