The School Board is hosting its regular meeting tonight (full agenda). They'll be discussing the development of their strategic plan, various transportation contracts, adding nurses to several schools, a resolution about the proposed amendment to the education clause of the MN Constitution, a COVID testing requirement for high school athletes, and more.

The Midtown Greenway Coalition launched a petition to get the city to re-pave the section of the Greenway they did this summer, citing poor quality of the original work. Direct quote from the petition: "The trail is worse now than before Minneapolis Public Works repaved it. Many people are now avoiding the trail altogether and/or biking in the pedestrian lane, which is smoother in some areas. This is dangerous to the public and a liability issue for the City of Minneapolis."


Police officers who witnessed the Terrance Franklin shooting in The Wedge in 2013 may be negotiating to provide new information about his death. (Star Tribune)

Jason Miller was badly injured in a shooting outside the Speedway at 22nd and Lyndale over the weekend. His brother setup a GoFundMe to raise money for his medical costs. (GoFundMe)


Every Tuesday morning at 9 AM, the Grand Ave. S reconstruction group meets on Zoom to give an overview of upcoming construction work. Check out how to join here. We shared this last week, but here are a few cool details about how the project is shaping up.

Check out an information session tonight at 5 PM for information on becoming a water steward through a program supported by Hennepin County.

Apply to become the new head of the city's Election & Voter Services division.


The Tangletown Neighborhood Association is hosting an event on reducing food waste while you shop with two business leaders and Rep. Frank Hornstein tomorrow night at 7 PM. Information on how to sign up and submit questions is here.