EDITOR'S NOTE: The bracket is now live. You can find it and vote here.

Who makes the best sandwich in Southwest Minneapolis? After several rounds of vigorous debate, our team has decided that this question shouldn't be decided by a shadowy cabal of local journalists, it should be decided by you, The People.

With the NCAA Tournaments in the rearview mirror, we know what you want – another bracket to mindlessly vote on and create artificial rooting interests so that you can have some fun competition and probably a little bit of disappointment in your life. Before we put together this bracket, we need your help.

In the "Add Context" box below, submit your nominations for the best sandwich in Southwest Minneapolis. We'll put the answers in a bracket, then let you vote on your favorites. The winner is going to be awarded with an actual, real-life trophy.

A few ground rules before we turn you loose:

  • Submit a specific sandwich and where it's made. Example: Don't just tell us "Clancey's," tell us that you like their roast beef sandwich. We will allow no more than two sandwiches per establishment in the final field.
  • What is "a sandwich"? Use your best judgement. Traditionally it's a bunch of stuff between two pieces of bread ("open-faced" is a modifier of the traditional construction). If you want to bend the rules on that, be our guest. No hot dogs, as hot dogs are hot dogs, not sandwiches.
  • For this contest, we will only be allowing submissions from inside of our coverage area. Here's what our coverage area looks like:

And with that, we'll turn it over to you, dear readers.

Submit your nominations for your favorite sandwiches by Monday, April 17 below.