For the 2023 gift giving season we wanted to zoom in on a few small business sectors that really shine in Minneapolis, including Indigenous gifts, vintage and resale shops and boutiques. The owners of the Uptown boutique Les Sól highlighted how important shopping small is to the local economy this holiday season in a recent letter to the community. Be sure to check out our 2023 last minute gift giving guide for even more ideas to shop local this year.  

Indigenous gift guide

Southwest Minneapolis is home to Birchbark Books & Native Arts and their event space Birchbark Bizhiw in Loring Corners. Just east of our coverage area is Indigenous Food Lab Market, a market filled with Indigenous-made goods. 

Birchbark Books (2115 W 21st St)

Birchbark Books & Native Arts has a wide selection of books, mostly written by Native authors about Native people, plus they have tons of crafts, foods and trinkets that would make for excellent gifts. They have a fresh batch of food products from Red Lake Nation Foods, Ramona Farms and Lakota Made including different kinds of jelly, fish batter, honey and maple syrup. For stocking stuffers from Native Northwest, they have bookmarks and small journals. And from the Native arts department, they sell jewelry and cards from local Indigenous artists. 

Indigenous Food Lab Market (Midtown Global Market) 

Indigenous Food Lab Market is a curated market of Indigenous products and the brainchild of James Beard Award winner Sean Sherman. A standout in the market is its array of health and beauty items: oils, lotions, hand salves, and soaking salts all make for wonderful gifts. For the chefs in your life, Épices du Guerrier Warrior spice blends and Sakari seasoning salts are unique items that most people won’t have in their cupboards. Cookbooks, children’s books, jewelry, art, coffee, and additional food items fill the bustling market. The market has also put together its own gift guide for more ideas.  

Vintage & resale gift guide

The vintage market has expanded immensely in Southwest Minneapolis over the last year. For those who love to buy vintage and second-hand clothing, we are not short on shops. A sweet gift idea: gift your friend or family member an outing to one (or a few) of these shops. If you notice the addresses, many of them are in clusters. 

Tandem Vintage (316 W 38th St.)

Tandem Vintage is a queer- and woman-owned vintage shop highlighting clothing from the 1950s through the 1990s. 

B-Squad Vintage (3500 Nicollet Ave.)

B-Squad Vintage sells old vintage dresses for a variety of occasions, records, jewelry, vintage menswear and home decor like lamps and posters.

b. Resale (2613 Nicollet Ave.)

b. Resale, which owner Allison Bross-White affectionately called a home for the weirdos, sells resale clothing for all genders, hand-made jewelry and accessories. The store is social justice-forward and prices are generally low, as accessibility is an important factor. A great place to shop for the Gen Z folks in your life. 

The Color Blue Vintage (2403 Lyndale Ave. S)

This shop is a new addition to the Lyndale strip of vintage stores, and their stock focuses on 90s and early 2000s t-shirts, sweatshirts and knit sweaters. 

Leisure World (2457 Lyndale Ave. S)

Leisure World specializes in 70s clothing, although it offers a wider selection of vintage including trendy 90s streetwear finds. The store’s selection is aesthetically arranged by color and style, and there is a wall of handcrafted pottery that would make for excellent gifts.

Clubhouse Market 2441 (Lyndale Ave. S)

Clubhouse Market sells vintage streetwear and upcycled fashion, or specifically t-shirts with screen-printed phrases like “Have a nice day.” Co-owner Devyn Pineapple said that the shop is known for its selection of vintage white t-shirts, and if you’re there at the right time you’ll meet Pineapple’s dog.

Final Stop Vintage (2431 Lyndale Ave. S)

Final Stop Vintage offers a wide selection of graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts from the 80s through the early 2000s plus a small femme section with older vintage clothing. Owner Jason Calboni said that some of the most popular items at the store are Y2K pants like JNCOs, Harley Davidson gear and NASCAR jackets.

VINTAGE (3252 Lyndale Ave. S)

The vintage shop in the former White Castle, which does not have a name, but Google Maps is now calling “VINTAGE” due to its magnetic sign out front, opened in October under owner Justin Schaefer. The store sells vintage clothing and what Schaefer calls ephemera, meaning items that exist to be used for a short time, mostly from the 80s through the early 2000s. 

Love Token (3950 Lyndale Ave. S)

Love Token, which opened in October, doesn’t stop at selling vintage clothing. Owner Laura Reiger also curates a selection of furniture, trinkets and handcrafted goods from local artists. The selection ranges from Victorian to early 2000s-wear, and there’s an aesthetic Catholic holy water font at the front of the store. And for a two-for-one, there’s a door from Love Token into the nextdoor fiber store, Dandelion Fiber Goods.

Bro Bros Closet (118 E 26th St. Suite 101)

Bro Bros Closet has an impressive collection of sports clothing, especially Timberwolves and Gophers t-shirts and sweatshirts. They sell contemporary streetwear, and wow, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce even stopped by.

Boutique gift guide 

Looking for something a little more posh to gift your loved ones? The softest, fluffiest robe you’ve ever felt, a beautiful blanket for them to cozy up with, and a gorgeous candle that smells like the outdoors all await you at these locally-owned boutiques. 

Les Sól (1614 W. Lake St.) 

Les Sól is a bright ray of sunshine in the middle of a dreary winter. Pick up colorful prints as a gift to your friend who needs art on their walls or window clings that create rainbow prisms. The boutique’s standout is its clothing rack full of colorful, soft and fluffy clothing. 

Legacy (1610 W Lake St.) 

The owner of Legacy has roots in the resale boutique industry and you can feel it. Legacy specializes in denim but you can also find super fun pieces that speak to the lively person in your life. Be sure to check out the high-end fashion rack where impeccable bell bottoms pop up and dig through the bargain bin for funky discoveries. 

Primitiva (3001 Hennepin Ave.) 

From homemade dog collars to earrings, Primitiva Collective is Uptown’s spot to buy high quality, locally made gifts from women makers. If you are on a budget, the website allows you to search for under $25 and $15

Scout (3040 Hennepin Ave.) 

Scout just opened a location in our area. A queer-owned shop that sells casual, outdoorsy brands for men and masculine dressers. A great place to get cute and functional socks, gloves, and hats. Scout’s website also has a gift section if you want to go that route. 

Soundwoven Goods (614 W 54th St.)

Soundwoven Goods opened in 2023, and specializes in ethically sourced products from a diversity of artisans. The products are art-forward and range from eclectic drink mixers to beautiful candles. There is also a gifts under $30 section on the store’s website.  

Larue’s (4301 Upton Ave. S) 

Larue’s moved to Linden Hills this year, but the store remains the same. The store specializes in all-natural fibers, clothing from local designers, and jewelry at multiple price points. There is a lot to peruse in the store so give yourself time to look if you have a person in your life that has that Laure’s vibe. 

Queenie & Pearl (5014 Xerxes Ave. S) 

Queenie & Pear is for “free spirited babes” who are looking for vintage clothing and new trends in clothing. The shop also has home furnishings. Think bright and cheery 1970s.