The Park Board will be discussing a resolution to preserve the 18-hole Hiawatha Golf Course at 5 p.m. tonight. The Hiawatha Golf Course has been an important spot for Black golfers in Minneapolis. The issue? The golf course floods a lot and FEMA actually gets involved in pumping out the water.  It's an issue the Park Board has been grappling with for awhile.  Numerous plans have been presented, such as building a smaller 9-hole course. There is a new Wedge LIVE! podcast episode with a former Park Board commissioner about the golf course if you want 90 minutes of information.

Here is the full Park Board meeting agenda. The meeting will be livestreamed on the Park Board’s YouTube channel. You can attend the meeting in-person at the Park Board Headquarters. The Park Board always welcomes comments from the public during "open time."


In the land of deja vu, Mayor Jacob Frey released a special order on Tuesday that states MPD can no longer apply for or execute unannounced search warrants, even when assisting other law enforcement agencies. Here is the new, new policy for your perusal.


We always appreciate community members who ask questions and track down stories that have seemingly slipped from public memory. Southside Pride checked in on "Umbrella Man," (real name Mitchell Carlson) the person that broke the windows of the AutoZone store with a hammer during the unrest following the murder of George Floyd by former MPD Officer Derek Chauvin. "Police believe that [Carlson's] actions set off the first fire and a chain reaction...leading to additional arson and looting, including the fire that destroyed the 3rd Precinct building," Allister Rose writes. There has been no other major media coverage of Carlson since 2020 and police didn't return Rose's phone calls.

Just this week a member of a far-right anti-government group was sentenced to over four years in prison for his part in the unrest in and around the 3rd Precinct.


Some Phillips neighbors are organizing to push the city to create a sanctioned outdoor encampment with security, hygiene, and housing and addiction services. (Star Tribune)

If someone in your household is nagging you to rake up leaves or you have an insatiable itch to clear out your garden beds--wait! There are little buggers in the winter leftovers growing for the spring. (Bring Me the News)

Sorry Charlie, the Twins are postponing their home owner until Friday because of our lovely weather forecast tomorrow. (Star Tribune)

Awww, someone donated $1 million to our local Animal Humane Society. (KTSP)


Choo choo! I mean, beep beep! The E Line is coming to Southwest Minneapolis and this week is last call for your feedback on specific stops.

HUGE Theater is offering an intro-to-improv class called Amplifying Voices that is specifically for women, nonbinary, trans and queer students. You get to learn improv in a socially aware setting filled with radical self-love and positivity. Classes start April 24. (Disclosure: I, Melody, have taken this class along with many other classes at HUGE. If you have any questions, please email me. This is not an ad. I repeat, this is not an ad)

We here at Southwest Voices encourage you to serve on a city board or committee. Deadlines for the spring appointments are April 15. Here are ones that look especially impactful for our community: Bicycle Advisory Committee, Civil Rights Commission, Advisory Committee on People with Disabilities, Arts Commission, Pedestrian Advisory Committee, Uptown Special Service District Advisory Board, and Transgender Equity Council. You don't need any special experience to apply--just a willingness to serve.

City Council Linea Palmisano typically reserves Fridays for constituent meetings. These meetings can be held in public spaces, coffee shops, and even residents’ homes. Anyone interesting in setting up a time can e-mail  For Ward Week, Palmisano has been taking meetings that she has difficulty scheduling around busy committee and council meeting weeks. On Tuesday, Palmisano toured the Hennepin Technical College Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Education Center.


The Pharaoh's Gyros food truck with be parked outside the Axon Green apartment building at 3140 Chowen Ave S today from 4:30-7 p.m.

If you gave up meat for lent and are running out of ideas, Rainbow Chinese on Nicollet Avenue wants you to know that they have a large vegetarian menu for you to choose from. And it's super yummy if you ask us.

Tonight at Driftwood Charbar its honky-tonk band Trailer Trash at 7 p.m. and local rock pioneer and bad ass Cindy Lawson plays at 9 p.m. with Jerry Lefkowitz.

Troy, New York singer-songwriter and avid forager, Sean Rowe plays at the Bryant Lake Bowl theater tonight.