In September, Steve Brandt started a petition campaign, asking the Park Board to paint the Lake Harriet Bandshell light blue as the structure undergoes renovations. It looks like that bandshell dream is coming true.

“Our color preference is moving forward!” Brandt wrote as a petition update on Monday.

“I got a sneak preview of the Lake Harriet bandshell color choice last week in the [Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board] paint room, along with a dozen others,” Brandt’s post reads. “It's a pretty good match for the slate blue color the bandshell had from 1986 through 2004.”

The bandshell, constructed in 1986, was originally a natural cedar color without paint or stain. The bandshell was painted light blue in 1989. When the bandshell went through renovations in 2004, it was painted to its current beige color.

Park Board President Meg Forney led fundraising efforts for the 1986 Lake Harriet bandshell.

Does she support the push for a blue exterior?

In an email exchange with Southwest Voices, she said, “I am grateful for the community weighing in on what color they would like,” Forney said. “It signals [the bandshell] is deeply loved and embraced.”

Looks like we won’t find out her vote until the full Park Board reviews and votes on the color November 30.