Eight minutes of laughter, sailing lessons, a discussion about misconceptions about sailing, and no one falls into the water. TPT’s “Outside Chance” sailing episode, filmed on Bde Maka Ska, premieres today on TPT’s YouTube channel.

“Outside Chance” is a short-form, web-based show that takes Chance York across Minnesota and throws him into various outdoor adventures like rock climbing, snowkiting, and geocaching. York even visited Cedar Lake and tried out log rolling.

The best part of the show is, York doesn’t know how to do any of the activities he is doing. He just shows up with a good attitude and a joyous sense of humor.

In the sailing episode, ”Why Sailing in Minnesota is More Accessible Than You Think,” York wears a captain hat the entire episode and jokes about hitting his head for the blooper reel.

“I’m the captain now,” York says with a hearty laugh as he takes over the ropes from Leadly.

Leadly and York, both people of color, also have a serious conversation about access to the sailing community in Minnesota.

Chance York takes over steering the sailboat from Joe Leadly on "Outside Chance." Image courtesy of TPT.

The Minneapolis Sailing Center has been working on getting more families of color involved in sailing, which Leadly can see on Bde Maka Ska. Leadly said he is often the only person of color sailing out at Lake Minnetonka. The sailing center has scholarships available and the sailboat they shot the episode on was donated to the center so people don’t need to buy a sailboat to learn how to sail.

If York looks familiar to you, he is no stranger to the stage. He is a Twin Cities musician of his own right and performed with Eric Mayson on the TPT series, “MN Original.” It was actually through the Mayson performances that York got connected with TPT.

TPT’s production crew at one point said, “This guy needs a show,” York recalled, as he explained how he got the show.

TPT pitched him the show, asked him what his risk tolerance was, and now the show has completed two seasons.

The show has also won an Upper Midwest Emmy for its mountain biking episode from Season 1.  

“Of course we would win,” York said.

York describes himself as a forever student.

“It’s a healthy way to go about your life,” York said.

“Outside Chance” filmed its second season last fall and its episodes are coming out now on YouTube through April 26.