In 2020, Uptown’s high-end tattoo and piercing shop, Saint Sabrina, closed after three decades in Uptown. The area has been without a piercing shop since then. But fear not, my fellow body mod enthusiasts, Bevel Piercing is coming soon to 1610 Lake Street.

Bevel Piercing’s website hints at the shop's unique approach to piercing. "Introducing a new type of piercing experience, private and personalized for you."

The owners, Nate Janke and Cole Radermacher, are established piercers in the Twin Cities. Both currently work at Leviticus Tattoo & Piercing. Janke used to work at Saint Sabrina until it closed. Radermacher was profiled in Lavender in 2019.

The shop’s namesake, bevel, is an industry term for a hypodermic needle, specifically with a slanted edge for piercing and medical uses such as suturing.

Bevel Piercing will be opening in about a month and will join a cluster of new businesses at Irving & Lake that include recent arrivals Legacy and Les Sól.