This article is in partnership with the Achieve Twin Cities Step Up program, which places high school youth in paid internships across the Twin Cities.

Additional reporting by Amina Kedir

In the neighborhood of Cedar Riverside lies a hidden gem- Sisterhood Boutique. Since the official opening in 2013 the store is known for its good vibes and its empowering message of giving women confidence and self worth. Thanks to Fairview Hospital who donated the building and a partnership with Augsburg University, Sisterhood Boutique has become a place where young women can make a difference in their communities.

Clothing at Sisterhood Boutique. Photo by Amina Kedir

Sisterhood Boutique is a second-hand, modest fashion boutique focused on empowering and mentoring young women through employment. The core mission of this boutique is to have women embrace their uniqueness, and self-worth through modest fashion outfits. Modest fashion is exactly what is sounds like--fashion that covers more of the body than you may find in popular fashion.

“We like to sell something for everyone regardless of the beauty standards,” Nani Townsend of Sisterhood Boutique said.

Women-focused messaging is found through the boutique. Photo by Sabrina Raasin

Beyond the pieces of fabric and threads, the boutique represents the message that every woman should feel confident, pretty, and important. This boutique is not only about fashion but is also about giving back to the community. This can be seen through their youth programs.

Sisterhood Boutique also participates in the Step Up internship program. Interns design their own clothing and their work is presented at a fashion show. Pictures of the yearly fashion shows are posted on the wall at Sisterhood Boutique. Photo by Amina Kedir

Sisterhood Boutique hires teenage women to give them the opportunity to have their first jobs and also nurture their work skills and instill in them self-confidence. Not only are they employers but they also serve as mentors who help young women find ambition and the power to make a difference in their environment. They want women who are involved in the fashion industry to know that they are enough and should not listen to the comments of those who put them down.

The story of Sisterhood Boutique serves as an example of how a business can make positive change in their community, through their commitment to empowering youth and giving back to the community

Sister Boutique employees celebrating a redesign on their store back in 2018. Photo courtesy of Sisterhood Boutique.

“As customers leave our store I would like them to think positively about themselves and that they can make an impact on the community and whatever they decide, they can do it,” Townsend said.

Sisterhood Boutique is located at  2200 Riverside Ave in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood. They are open 1 - 6 p.m. Monday - Friday.