Melody wrote up a very fun piece of local music history – the time Nirvana played Uptown Bar in September 1989, two years before the Nevermind album came out.

Before it became the now-shuttered Apple Store, Uptown Bar played a major role in the local music scene, and hosted Nirvana twice in 1989, possibly as a celebration of the year of my birth (unconfirmed). Only 40 people showed up, and Kurt Cobain got so sick that he was replaced by their roadie Ben Sheperd, who later went on to become Soundgarden's bassist.

Melody included an old Uptown Bar calendar from July 1989 in the article – in addition to Nirvana, Curtiss A, Babes in Toyland, and The Jayhawks all played that month. We didn't know how good we had it. Speaking of the Jayhawks...

Speaking of local music history – the Walker and The Current announced yesterday that Rock The Garden is no more. This summer's show was apparently the last version of the program. Keith Harris from Racket has a reminder on the show's history, which includes the Walker's 1998 launch with the Jayhawks, a previous cancellation in 2004, and the resurrection in conjunction with The Current in 2008.

What's going on with the Uptown Theatre's sign? If you haven't already noticed, the iconic letters are now missing. Racket is investigating, and learned that the city doesn't know what's going on, the developer was not permitted to alter it, and there appear to be fairly scant details about where the letters went.

We'll obviously keep you posted if we learn more. Here's to hoping the U, P, T, O, N, and W are all returned safely to their proper location as soon as possible.


The Eat Street Cup is coming to Whittier on October 15. There will be a 3v3 futsal tournament, music, food (including Wrecktangle Pizza, which is amazing), along with a bunch of cool community partners. All in all it sounds like a pretty great day, so mark your calendars. (Futsal Society)

Speaking of Wrecktangle, this Sunday morning their LynLake locale will be hosting a pop-up with MB Foodhouse, which moved from Kingfield to the North Loop and is raising money for their new location. Breakfast tacos, chilaquiles, and more from 8 - 11 a.m. on Saturday.

Some details have begun to emerge on Operation Endeavor, including this detail on the mission: "The mission is to be visibly present and seen by as many people as possible... Personnel should remain focused on the long-term gathering spots of citizens and join them." (Fox9)

Photos from last week's Washburn - Southwest football game from Steve Kotvis' great website, which features original photography from a number of high school sporting events. (f/go)

Sue Sanger, a St. Louis Park City Council member, says that Hennepin County is the primary entity to blame for the issues with the Southwest Light Rail project. (Minn Post)

The Lowry Tunnel will be closed Monday - Wednesday of next week for cleaning. MNDOT published this very grimey video of what thousands upon thousands of cars leave behind on the tunnel's walls. (MNDOT/Twitter)


Melissa Whitler covered the latest School Board meeting on Twitter.

The Linden Hills Neighborhood Association will host a community meeting tonight with the developer of the Trolley Line Condos at 4352 Zenith. From the meeting description: "The developer presented the project to the City Planning Commission at a public hearing on September 19. No decision was made, and the vote was delayed until October 17 to allow time for the developer to engage with neighbors, revise plans based on feedback and resubmit those plans to the city planner for review."

The Budget Committee meets today at 10 a.m. They'll be discussing the budgets for the Office of Public Service, Intergovernmental Relations, and 311, which will be fully merging with the city's Service Center in the coming weeks to provide more coordinated information to residents. The Service Center has served 10,717 people through August of this year, while 311 has answered more than 154,970 calls.

The Public Works & Infrastructure Committee meets at 1:30 p.m. They'll be adopting water and sewer line repairs and discussing the city's digital equity project. From that update: "The City of Minneapolis has more than 31,000 households, and perhaps as many as 50,000 households, that do not have access to high quality internet services... In partnership with Hennepin County, Minneapolis Public Schools, and local non-profits, the City will create equitable internet connectivity solutions to support marginalized populations and bridge the digital divide."

Do you live in or around Linden Hills? The neighborhood council wants to hear from you – fill out their survey now. You can also apply to join the council here. They are especially looking for renters to apply.

The South Nicollet Avenue Pollinator Pathway Educational Forum is tonight from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM (check-in begins at 6:15!) at Solomon’s Porch, located at 100 West 46th Street.

Go get unlimited free laundry on October 1.

Attention residents of Armatage and Kenny – sign up to make your house a stop on their joint Halloween Tour this year (disregard if you aren't feeling spooky).


There's a Hennepin County Attorney forum tonight from 7 - 8 p.m. at Sojourner Truth Academy. The event will be livestreamed on YouTube here.

Go get a tour of the Sculpture Garden today from 11 - 12.

Huge Theater has their regular Thursday Dino Jam improv tonight at 8:30 p.m.

Go build kits with Period Kits MN, who believes no one should have to choose between food and tampons, tonight at Lakes & Legends.

S.C. and the Gruesome Twosome are playing "spookctacular" music tonight at Driftwood Char Bar.

Join Joshua McGarvey and Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art and Coordinator of the Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program Nicole Soukup for a conversation at 6:30 p.m. at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

The Moxy in Uptown is hosting The New Equinox Artist Showcase tonight at 7 p.m.

Hiahli, Ruth, Socktopus, and The Knotties are playing the Uptown VFW tonight.