City Council elects new leaders in front of packed room

I support Linea Palmisano speaking up in the City Council meeting against the council dealing with the Gaza ceasefire resolution. That is something for the U.S. Congress and President to address, and we as U.S. citizens can contact our elected representatives. The city council’s job is to use time, energy and money to deal with issues in Minneapolis. -Anita D.

Our City Council should not be spending time on a resolution against the Israel/Hamas war. That appeal should be made to our Federal Reps and Senators. -Mary M.

It is disappointing to me that our City Council chose this to be the first resolution of the year when it's a topic that is not under the control of our council and is a very complex and divisive subject.  Instead of spending time on foreign affairs, the council should have been calling for a "ceasefire" to the violence plaguing our city as well as the homelessness and other pressing city issues. I felt unsafe in the meeting and I know that I'm not alone. The loudest voices in the room can not be allowed to speak for everyone and dictate the direction and issues that our city council addresses. - Julie W.

Soo Line Garden Doesn’t Need a Paved Path / Gardeners write in about proposed path through garden space

It's a shame that the gardeners don't feel that accessibility features for their currently inaccessible garden is a benefit to this publicly-owned space. -Chris

I've used the existing path through the Soo Line Gardens for 20 years. It's a wonderful transition from concrete and asphalt to a soft welcoming environment. There are other ways to access the Greenway but I always choose to go through the gardens as it's such a delight to see the latest stages of growth. I will probably stop using the garden path if it's been destroyed by a big concrete path. If you want to pave it OK but please make it no bigger than what's there now and make it a permeable surface. -Russ E.

Heavy Table's Lyndale Checklist: SK Coffee to Casablanca

Ok that was some real shade re: Szechuan Spice, especially having never been there! It was a neighborhood favorite and we were sad to see it go. Haven't tried Kung Fu Hot Pot yet but looking forward to it. -Lily

In Minneapolis, a Humane Response to Homelessness is Possible

The City should provide shelter for all homeless persons, including their possessions and  to  permit their cats and dogs to Stay with them. There are many empty buildings that the city could rent for temporary shelters until a better permanent housing solution is created.  The temporary shelter does not need to have all of the conveniences of a modern house, because it is  temporary and better than sleeping outside.  This should be the first and temporary step while long term housing solutions which take time are created. -Anita D.

I think everyone in Minneapolis would agree that the homeless situation is dire. Councilmember Aisha Chughtai’s writing was long (11 paragraphs) on a description of the problem that most of us paying attention are already familiar with. Her solutions, however, are very short on specifics and she completely abdicates her responsibility in finding a solution to the problem, and instead lays the blame for the problem solely on Mayor Frey. I believe I am correct in saying that the "power of the purse" is vested in the Minneapolis City Council, and that they have sole authority to spend the city's resources, by including funding for homeless initiatives in the Mayor's proposed budget. The people of Minneapolis are ready and willing to hear more about concrete, actionable solutions to housing our homeless population. -Catherine F.