It’s Greek to Me Has Permanently Closed

Some months after moving to the Twin Cities, living in Uptown, I had my first meal at It's Greek To Me in the autumn of 1982. I'd gotten through my initial winter here, wondering if there was such a season called spring in Minnesota. By the summertime, I couldn't believe how fully this season was embraced by everyone. Nor did I imagine a Greek restaurant right in my neighborhood: blame it on some East Coast snobbery. The restaurant occupied its current space but was smaller. Five-six years later, the owners purchased what I believe was a former plumbing supply store, adjacent to the restaurant which added much needed space. I recall numerous meals there over the next 20 years. Some eaten alone, others with friends, dates and the woman who would become my wife in 1994. The original owners were personable and welcoming. Some evenings, the flavors of oregano, Moussaka, Spanakopita, or a Souvlaki sandwich on fresh pita bread took control of my mind and my taste buds and the only thing I could do was to walk the 8 blocks from my condo on Girard Avenue to this nurturing space at Lake and Lyndale.  I never experienced a substandard meal there. Adieu: It's GreekTo Me. Thank you for adding your wonderful cuisine to my life. -Justin McDevitt

While I only dined there once every couple months, “It’s Greek To Me” was an excellent restaurant that served excellent Greek food. While there is one other Greek restaurant in the immediate Minneapolis area, I always preferred the food that “It’s Greek To Me” served. I remember feeling ‘crushed’ the first time “It’s Greek To Me” closed. We should never take a good thing for granted. -Eric Umsted

We loved this restaurant and will miss it. We've been customers for special occasions since it opened. All the best of luck to the owners in their future pathways. -Mary and Fred