It’s Safer on Lyndale Avenue Now

Zebra Crossings -- I'm not a great fan of two of one thing compared to say, the standard UK crossings with only four blinky lights. In The Netherlands, they raise the street to sidewalk level so that physics causes the drivers to slow down (AKA speedbumps). Positioning traffic lights before an intersection, rather than after, also magically keeps cars off the crosswalks (because if they're on the crosswalk, they can't see the lights). At least it's easier to cross Lyndale after pizza and beer at Fire and Ice. -Larry Sanderson

Yes, there are less people out walking in the winter. And the article makes no mention of the increased congestion of cars. Lyndale is a very important main thoroughfare for cars coming and going to/from the freeway and downtown. It's not supposed to be a boutique street for the neighborhood and for bicyclists who belong on side streets.  -Gary Farland

Editor’s note: The report shows that the average increase in travel time was 43 seconds traveling northbound and 26 seconds traveling southbound.

We Need to Get Serious About Consequences for Drivers

It's my opinion that more severe punishments are not the solution to our deadly roads. Prison compounds problems, it doesn't solve them. Having a suspended license doesn't make a driver more likely to cause an accident or hit someone. We have a real problem with the failure to enforce existing traffic laws and make the streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians. I can’t recall the last time I saw someone getting a traffic ticket. The way we build huge roads and little sidewalks reinforces the lack of respect for people on foot. Cars and trucks are getting bigger and heavier and more deadly with every model year. Stiff penalties don't prevent accidents or make them less lethal to pedestrians and cyclists, but better street planning does. -Anonymous

They called it a misdemeanor!? Wrong if he had priors. It was life threatening. Attempted murder because he was driving on a suspended license.  Longer jail time and dock his paycheck for the money. He should never drive again. But we know that never works. -Gretchen, sick of reckless drivers

Chris Parson passes away

I chatted with Chris during his last campaign as he did door knocking and came up because of my "Proud Union Home" sign. While I disagreed with him on a number of issues, there was common ground in terms of supporting our fellow public servants and employees and addressing the issues we both faced as union leaders in terms of wages, pension, and workplace safety. A loss for the labor movement and his fellow members. -Sean Siberio, AFSCME Officer

I was so sad to hear this news -- a fine fellow and gone too soon. My heart goes out to his family, but the community has also lost a wonderful person. He seemed to have accomplished a lot of things for the fire community and the broader Twin Cities. Such a shame it was cut short. I was looking forward to him being my council representative. -Mary Ann, S. Minneapolis