Our reader comments from July and August.

Fool Me Once, LynLake’s Newest Bar, is like "if David Lynch directed an Orville Peck music video"

Orville Peck music videos already channel Lynchian vibes so this isn't really a hit, boom, bang concept. Orville Peck himself has said he takes inspiration from Lynch. - Anonymous

Feel like the history of this spot [The Country Bar] might’ve been worth a brief mention, considering the concept. -Patrick P.

It’s a callback (maybe unintentionally?) to The Country Bar that used to be there. That might even be their logo in the middle of the mural? (Hope shorty & wags wings are on the menu, too.) -John. B. Editor’s note: compare the two cowboys for yourself.

OPINION: Changes to Open Streets show need for ongoing funding, as well as a shift in priorities for transportation advocates

I am pleased that the organization pulled out of Open Streets and hope that the city does not continue to use precious resources for these types of events. It is costly, a waste of money for a few hours of entertainment, creates traffic jams, etc. The National Night Out block parties are a great alternative for connecting with neighbors, giving small kids a chance to ride bikes and play. There is no cost to the city, as the participants themselves clean up afterwards and no police and medical staff have to be on site. - Anita D.

What this article fails to mention is that Our Streets Minneapolis is a lobbying firm that exists to lobby the City of Minneapolis. In 2021, it made $80,000 from its contract with the City of Minneapolis which it then used to lobby the City of Minneapolis. Yes, the City of Minneapolis basically hosted a fundraiser for a lobbying firm so it could lobby the City. Almost every governmental contract has a prohibition from using government money to lobby the government. This situation is dirty and should end. But instead, Our Streets has revved up its lobbying and is now bombarding the City, trying to lobby its way into a new contract to continue its government-funded lobbying. The question now is whether the City can resist the activist-industrial complex or whether it will cave and continue providing a fundraiser to this lobbying firm.   -Carol Becker, Longfellow  

City Council stops rent control ordinance process

Why didn’t any of the three council members alert the staff that the rescheduled council meeting should be rescheduled again once the official date of the holiday had been determined? Was the rent control topic on the council meeting agenda? (Yes) Why didn’t the three members request that the discussion on the topic be delayed once they knew they would not be at the meeting to participate ? I think these questions should have been investigated as part of this article. -Richard M.

A day in Hennepin housing court

I was a Hennepin judge and occasionally presided over housing court.  Later I did pro bono representation as an attorney.  Your story is spot-on and a brilliant, rare, and insightful narrative. Thank you for a true public service! -Lloyd Zimmerman, retired Hennepin District Court Judge

When eviction filings are resolved I think expungement should be total, automatic and at no cost to either party, just dovetailed into proceedings. HOME Line shepherded me through a matter, resolved the same day, by one phone call, back in 2017. It still needs to be expunged today. -Linda S.

I help seniors with their technology at The Kenwood

Love this mindset and altruism from a teenager. Keep up the good work! -Anonymous

Graham! Thank you for your work to serve the community! This is an amazing commitment on your behalf. I know it will shape you and your future for success. - Todd Shipman

Excellent, a very worthy gesture, something that will add lots to the seniors comfort as well as teaching him lots about life, patience and community. -Ken. S.

What a great story!  Thanks Graham for doing this much-appreciated work at The Kenwood!  Several years ago (pre-COVID) I did similar volunteer work at an assisted living apartment complex near US Bank Stadium, the Augustana Apartments.  It was both challenging and rewarding, as I'm sure you have found.  I'm sure there are other opportunities like this out in the community, so anyone with this interest should just ask at one of the local senior living communities. -Doug T., Kenwood

How StreetReach Reined in Crime In One Minneapolis Park

Thanks for covering the Community Connections and Violence Prevention team and Street Reach.  These are highly effective teams working together. -Kendra L.

City clears encampment at Wells Fargo, Kmart sites

How much money did it cost for the materials and labor for all that fencing and all the other labor and materials spent on all the sweeps throughout the city? When is the city going to put that money into an actual solution helping both the unsheltered and the city by creating a path that helps each individual depending on their very different needs and/or reasons for being unsheltered? Houston did it. We can too. -Jennifer L.

What is the City's policy around alternatives to underpasses for homeless persons?  -Julie S.

Guse Hardware owner: “It was pretty good, up until late”

I think it’s a bit disingenuous for news orgs to just take business owners' words as gospel. Does he know what percent of his business walks or bikes to his store?. Also, it’s very possible with modern cargo bikes to get 10 bags of concrete on a bike. Most things people get at hardware stores are small and are easily purchased car-free. While I believe businesses are important, they serve the neighborhood not the other way around. If a business is struggling it means they aren’t providing what the neighborhood needs. It also doesn’t help that he’s against the road reconstruction. Really don’t think all the doom and gloom from business owners about lack of parking is truly worthy of an article. Being in business is always a gamble and no neighborhood owes their business to some guy just because he’s nice. -Alex

Excellent piece by Anna Koenning in terms of carefully listening to and capturing what the business owner had to say, along with next steps by the city. The article is also well-crafted with an excellent opening sentence and great phrasing throughout. Kudos, Anna! - Chris, H.

Linden Hills Gets a Neighborhood Bar: Meet Picnic

Can’t wait -Jimmy T.

Yeah!!  So looking forward to having a neighborhood place like this.  Good luck! - TL

Might this be a place to watch football games on cold winter days and evenings? .... and a Manhattan? - Mike B., Linden Hills