The Ward 10 Community Safety Forum, hosted by the Lake Street Council, Uptown Association, and Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association, took place last night. There was a lot of interesting discussion about public safety, the role of police in our city, and a lengthy discussion about the public safety charter amendment.

See below for the questions from the forum, where the candidates stand on the public safety charter amendment, and direct links to videos to watch the answers to each specific questions. [Editor's note: we'll have a more comprehensive breakdown of the charter amendments coming next week]

Do you support or oppose the public safety amendment (ballot initiative #2)? Aisha Chughtai and Katie Jones support it, while Chris Parsons, Ubah Nur, David Wheeler, and Alicia Gibson oppose it. A link to watch their answers on why is here.

To everyone that opposes the amendment (Gibson, Nur, Wheeler, and Parsons), how do you square the budgetary reality of increased police costs from settlements and workers comp and the subsequent decrease in city services? 

To everyone that supports the amendment (Jones and Chughtai) how do you assuage concerns with a lack of a plan to move forward? 

What is your strategy to reduce crime in the Ward?

Our community suffers from some of the greatest racial disparities in the country across so many social educational and justice system metrics, how does this inform your approach to public safety

How will you structure your office on addressing constituent concerns? 

What or who are you most proud of in Ward 10 that no one knows about

Where's the best place to take an out-of-towner in Ward 10? 

The forum finished with a general section on rebuttals and closing statements that started here.