It’s week one of marijuana being legal in Minnesota. People 21 and older can possess up to 2 pounds of cannabis flower for personal use at home and 2 ounces in public, making Minnesota the 23rd state to legalize the devil's lettuce for recreational use.

Most retail stores can't sell marijuana until the Office of Cannabis Management's licensing system is running, but tribal nations do not have to wait for licensing. Red Lake opened the state's first dispensary for recreational marijuana through NativeCare on August 1, and the White Earth Nation plans to begin selling marijuana soon. Both nations are in Northern Minnesota.

THC seltzers and gummies that have been legal since 2022 are still available at retail stores and remain legal to buy and consume.

Also part of the new law, Minnesotans with low-level marijuana offenses will have their records automatically expunged, though the process may take up to a year.

The rules about where you can smoke are a little unclear. In short, public spaces like parks and sidewalks are safe unless the city has banned such activity (Minneapolis has not). Read MinnPost's in-depth story on where to smoke, which gets into the hazy rules about apartments and condos. This week, Park & Rec Board Commission Tom Olsen started polling people, very casually, on how they’d like to see weed smoking handles in the Minneapolis Parks system.

In short, you can now smoke a joint in public where smoking is not already prohibited. Blaze safely.