UPDATE: From Jan. 26- Feb. 6, 2024 you can vote in the Minneapolis Flag Bracket.

With all the hubbub around the new State of Minnesota flag, we looked up the City of Minneapolis flag, and uh, well:

Image courtesy of City of Minneapolis

Ok, to be fair, the story behind the flag is pretty cool. In 1955, the City of Minneapolis had a flag contest and Minneapolis high school student Louise Sundin was selected as the winner. She was awarded a $250 U.S. Savings Bond for her winning design.

But 68 years later, let’s see what happens if we try to design a new Minneapolis flag together, shall we?


We are taking submissions through Jan. 15, 2024.

Email your flag submission to info@southwestvoices.news in whatever format works best for you. You are welcome to add a little description of your flag design, including your inspiration, but not necessary for submission.

Please do not use copyrighted images because that causes issues (Google images has an advanced search function where you can search for non-commercial images, if needed).

If you need a place to start, we like using Canva to make designs.

Once all the rad flag designs come pouring in, we will use our bracket-style voting system to decide the winner as a community. No special panel of deciders.* And no $250 savings bond either. Sorry.

The City of Minneapolis is not involved in this contest but we hope it inspires the City to do their own official contest. Who knows, a future Minneapolis flag designer may be amongst us.

*Minneapolis Voices reserves the right to disqualify flag submissions that are overtly crude, offensive, or hateful against groups of people or specific people.