In early December I tried tracking down a mock-up of the new Lake Harriet Bandshell paint color when the board officially approved the renovations. The renovations included blue paint for the bandshell. I was so excited to show our readers what the new bandshell was going to look like. Citizens had rallied together and signed a petition, asking to bring back the blue paint to the bandshell. So I reached out to the Park Board to get an exclusive look at the mock-up. Ben Johnson, the media contact for the board, emailed me a picture of the mock-up but I didn’t publish the photograph because, as you can see below, I couldn’t understand how I was seeing blue paint on the siding. Given the recent confusion at the Lake Harriet Bandshell open house, it is no wonder I also was confused.

Here my exchange with Johnson on December 2, 2022:

Melody: I watched the Park Board meeting last night and didn't catch anyone saying what color the bandshell is being painted. Blue was mentioned as "not the original color."  Are you able to confirm that the mock-up is painted a light blue color? I am happy to drive to the park board center to see the mock-up but I have still yet to get a quote from anyone on the color chosen.

Ben: The official color is Slate Blue [Editor's note: the color is now referred to as Bluestone]. There's an update on the project page with more info:

Melody: Do you have a picture of the new mock-up with the slate blue color? I can't find one online and our readers keep asking! Please let me know if I have missed something very obvious.


Melody: So is that bottom brick area slate blue? It looks so white!

Ben: I’m not sure what you’re referring to, bottom brick area? There’s no brick. The siding is slate blue and the roof shingles are cedar dipped in a slate blue breathable coating.

Melody: [Sent two days later] The siding! My apologies.


The Park Board argues that the siding is slate blue, but I just don't see it. Southwest Voices will keep readers updated on any changes made to the blue paint.