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Editor's note: April Fool's Day can be a fun day for publications. We are playing it straight this year but no promises for April 1, 2023 . 🙃

Here's a roundup of what we published this week

It was another tumultuous week for Minneapolis Public Schools. School was back in session on Tuesday. Tuesday night students protested during a special school board meeting to approve the post-strike school calendar and the next day Superintendent Ed Graff submitted his resignation, effective June 30.  A copy of his resignation letter is  available in this Twitter thread.

Hot of the digital press: A neighbor-curated guide to Stevens Square.  After we visited Stevens Square on our neighborhood listening tour, we asked some neighbors what they loved most about Stevens Square. My favorite part of the guide is things to do if you had one day to hang out in Stevens Square.  We will be putting together neighborhood guides for each Southwest neighborhood. If you live in Whittier, and have some ideas, let us know! We'd love to include them in our upcoming Whittier guide.

Our friend Michael Sack wrote a powerful piece about why Metro Mobility needs more resources. Accessibility in the city is an issue we take seriously and we thank Michael for his advocacy work.

Here's what our daily subscribers dug into this week

One of the top links this week was this Historic Preservation application to make renovations to a mansion on West Lake of the Isles Parkway. Originally, the construction/demolition proposal was denied so the owners took the case to the Business, Inspections, Housing & Zoning Committee. We followed the meeting on Twitter where we reported that the committee unanimously approved the appeal.

People enjoyed looking at this street car we once had in the city. (Fun fact: there has long been plans for a streetcar to be built alongside with Midtown Greenway)

Bde Maka Ska will be hosting a skate park pop-up this summer and the Park Board wants your input. Send to all your sk8r friends.

On Tuesday night, the MPS school board meeting went into recess during some of the student protests so we turned to Twitter to find videos (here and here)  of what was happening at that point.

We were feeling this sculpture's Monday vibes at the Walker Sculpture Garden.


Our events calendar is filled with unique events happening around town. You can submit events to be added to our calendar here. If you subscribe to the calendar, the events go straight to your personal calendar. 🤯

We have found plenty for children to do this evening. Please send this link to the children in your life. No need to look at it first.

Tonight is the Futsal Society fundraiser. The youth who play futsal in Whittier are looking to raise money for their league. They have already raised some of it themselves but need your help. Stop by the Loring Social tonight, enjoy complimentary food, a silent auction, and meet the players.

Jacuzzi Puma, Killer Antilles, and The Argus: A Tribute to Ween are playing at the Uptown VFW tonight. They played last week, too, so it must be a good time.

Ires Minds plays at Pimento's Rum Bar tonight. They are back by popular demand so, again, they must be a good time.

Fire & Nice is holding an outdoor spring celebration all day. Coffee, bike tune-ups, beer, and some of the best pizza in the city (officially decided by us this week).

After you get your bike all set at Fire & Nice, go to the 30 Days of Biking launch party that includes a group ride around town. 30 Days of Biking = people in Minneapolis pledge to ride their bike everyday in April. FYI, group bike rides are really fun.

I am stoked for this one: Latins on Ice and Blackout Improv presents: Joy, an improv show. It's the first ever all Black and Latin X improv comedy show in Minnesota. They are performing every Saturday through May but get your tickets because these are two of the hottest improv groups in the city.

Dance the night away at Nightchurch Dance Revival at the Uptown VFW. They'll be taking you on a journey through hip-hop, house, future-bass, footworks, remixes and that new new. That sounds way too cool for me.

Relax over brunch at Icehouse and enjoy the music of Phil Heywood.

Join Lakewood for the return of its popular Music in the Chapel concert series. This Sunday features David Huckfelt and Annie Humphrey for a collaborative performance in Lakewood's historic halls.

As my nephews say, "Happy Fools Day!"