Editor's note, April 4, 2023: The deal has fallen through.

Wisconsin-based Oliphant Brewing is moving into the LynLake Brewery space. Someone familiar with the deal told Southwest Voices that they were informed six weeks ago about the switch.

Oliphant Brewing is based in Somerset, Wisconsin.

This week, the City’s Business, Inspections, Housing and Zoning committee approved a liquor license for Oliphant Brewing at LynLake Brewery’s address, 2934 Lyndale Ave. S. 

A screenshot of the January 3 committee agenda that shows Oliphant Brewing's liquor license approval at 2934 Lyndale Ave. S.

It is not clear when the brewery will officially change hands. According to Axios, “LynLake posted on Instagram last week that its ‘Beer it Forward’ board, which allows customers to buy a future beer for someone whose name is then added to the board, will be shut down on Jan. 31.” Both Oliphant and LynLake are under non-disclosure agreements.